Exam season

Murphy's law of exams: Weather will always be ultra-pleasant right before exams and your favourite movies will release in theatre on the weekend before exams.   Exam season is always tough for students and more so for Med students. For them it feels like just a continuation of their misery from endless end-postings, random gruelling … Continue reading Exam season


KMC student council to form MOU with ISIS

After years of intense negotiations and repeated failure to reach a stable conjuncture on any idea, student council of KMC Manipal has successful signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The purpose of this partnership will be to provide USMLE-enthusiastic-students-desperate-to-fire-up-their-CVs with an exposure in global health by offering them a … Continue reading KMC student council to form MOU with ISIS

Blog Feature at WYDO

This blog had an unique of opportunity of being featured at WYDO's forum: Speakers' Corner WYDO (World Young Doctors' Organization) is a forum for young medical graduates to discuss issues relevant to them and spread awareness and knowledge about health campaigns. It is an amazing organization with lots of future potential. Check it out.

JAMA: The unsuspected misogynist

Women have always been a subject of generalization, stereotyping and misogynistic conduct and medical science has also not been left untouched of this. Even now, when almost 50% of medical students are females and women doctors have moved into previously untouched specialties like neurosurgery and orthopedic, current medical system continues to discriminate and typecast women … Continue reading JAMA: The unsuspected misogynist

Student Research Forum

Evidence Live is a 3 day global forum on Evidence Based Medicine, being organized by Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford from June 22-24, 2016. As a part of their Future Leaders program, I had submitted a write-up on Student Research Forum at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal which got accepted to be published at the Evidence Live … Continue reading Student Research Forum