Exam season

Murphy’s law of exams:

Weather will always be ultra-pleasant right before exams and your favourite movies will release in theatre on the weekend before exams.

    Who could study in this weather?

    Exam season is always tough for students and more so for Med students. For them it feels like just a continuation of their misery from endless end-postings, random gruelling sessions from Professors and that ever-longing feeling of knowing nothing (Yeah..each one of us is a John Snow on our own).  The only difference is that there is no hope at the end of this misery.

    This is the time when each one of us will have an existential crisis and question our decisions. I am not just talking about the decision to take up medicine for a career but also everyday decisions like whether I should sleep, eat, walk or just run away from the campus. We also create all kinds of fictional situations like what if World War 3 starts right now and we won’t have to give exams anymore. Of course, each one of us will be more than glad to get drafted into army and be posted at the remotest corner of earth than write those Clinical records once again. 

    Then there are those who have unsurprisingly continued to maintain their consistency in library and are the largest shareholders of much-needed class notes. They are the epicentres of urban myths doing the rounds of campus since time immemorial. Most of the urban myths are pretty ludicrous like he/she has already studied Davidson twice. Yeah, like that’s possible πŸ˜‚. Oh wait…or is it? πŸ˜³πŸ˜– Also don’t be surprised if you found this myth too nerdy. Half of my class will be too scared to react after hearing this. 


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