KMC student council to form MOU with ISIS

After years of intense negotiations and repeated failure to reach a stable conjuncture on any idea, student council of KMC Manipal has successful signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The purpose of this partnership will be to provide USMLE-enthusiastic-students-desperate-to-fire-up-their-CVs with an exposure in global health by offering them a once (and hopefully last too) in a lifetime opportunity to serve in the resource affected areas of ISIS occupation.

According to ISIS spokesperson Arup-shah-al-baghdadi, they have a lot of unique and world-quality opportunities for medical students. Their head and neck dissection program is one of the best in the world along with a very high case load and efficient executioners..ahem surgeons. The amputation center run by ISIS is especially renowned for its time- and cost- efficient facilities.
One of the students from KMC with a very long list of achievements that includes but is not limited to negotiations, spying and back-talking told that he was particularly interested in psychiatry and palliative care as it involved huge sum of sponsorships..ahem ransom money (not my fault, my autocorrect is on truth mode) and possible sneaking up the rank, which he was anyway an expert in.
Other learning opportunities included emergency medicine, nuclear medicine and Bioethics.
There will also be guest lecturers by highly acclaimed ISIS officials on Bioethics, medical ethics and health law.
Currently, the program is an unilateral agreement but we hope to welcome ISIS students in future.
Offence warning: Above post has been created by a fed-up final year student with absolute no sense of reality or rationality. All those with low tolerance for offence are kindly requested to contact their nearest ISIS coordinator. They will be sent on this program on a fast-track basis.

2 thoughts on “KMC student council to form MOU with ISIS

  1. “Created by a fed-up final year student with absolute no sense of reality or rationality. ” – So true! :p

    Jokes apart, hats off to the lateral thinking and trademark tinge of sarcasm that makes your written work stand out šŸ™‚


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