The Complicated Sapiens

As it happens, I don’t like people. There. I said it. They are just too complex. You have to deal with their anger, jealousy, unhappiness, discontent, despondency, distrust, weariness, suspiciousness and all other cynical adjectives you can find in the dictionary. The baggage is just too ponderous to carry. Animals are uncomplicated. They either love you unconditionally or savor you delightfully. Would not the world have been a wonderful place if it were just you and a bunch of dogs hanging around in a meadow with trees heavily laden with chocolate cupcakes and streams that brimmed with a gazillion of oreo shakes.  Then again, maybe this utopian world exists somewhere in the parallel universe and you don’t have to cross the space-time dimension to reach there. You’ll just have to find joy in small things. The triumph of a successful completion of exams, the exuberance of meeting your loved ones after a long time, the ecstasy of winning a sport match, the bliss of spending a sunrise at the beach. All these entities with small definitive value of happiness integrates into a happy human being. After all, the happiness is not that onerous to find if you know where to look for it. But, then again, we spend our lifetime searching for this unknown, unreachable, allusive, impervious locus of the happiness.


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