Stay True to Yourself

We all have a string of lies behind us, stories built entirely on lies and facts and tales morphed out of the gluttonous, voracious, insatiable thirst to make our life sound extraordinary. We capture moments on our cameras with the sole intention of getting more likes on facebook and instagram and not merely out of the momentous desire to seize the beautiful moment and store it in a mortal form of a solid entity. We tell stories of our childhood with over-indulgence and fondness towards petty but mesmerizing beauty of olden times and forget to hold it in our heart that it is the present that makes our past beautiful. The relinquishing tales of our past are told as if they were the most bewitching moments of our life. We forget to narrate our present, which inevitably makes our past and neglect to give credits to people who are present concurrently, at the same time, as with you, and who give you the contemporaneous empathy. Instead of being someone who we are not, or trying to be someone who is far from what we are, we should try to stay true to ourselves. We should strive to stay positive to our believes, our ideals, our deduction, conviction, assumption, presumption and most of all, our standpoint. Don’t try to blend in to your surrounding, to hide your face among hundreds of indistinguishable psyche. Your soul is what you are. Stay true to yourself and world will reward you in ways you never dared to envision.


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