Just another day in 5th sem

Legends had it that 5th semester in MBBS is one of the toughest time of MBBS. I never really believed it until I was staring right into it’s inflamed, engorged pectineal line. Yes, it’s ass was on my face. Another reason to not believe that this semester could be tough was because I had risen from the ashes before my 1st year professionals. I had performed fairly bad up until my last Sessional examinations when I had no option other than pulling my socks up. So, when I passed with fairly good marks in my university exams, I had all reasons to believe that it can’t get any worse. But, then again, just as in the vivas, I was wrong again.

Anyway, coming back to the present, the haunting, desolate, despondent, dreary days of 5th semester. These dreary days becomes even drearier if you haven’t gargled enough number of times with Robbins and interminable and lingering lists of drug classifications over last 1 year. For the first time in over one year, my routine has been precisely same almost everyday. All one does these days is wake up, classes, postings, lunch, nap, practical, librarrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. This has only resulted in all the complications of a 5th sem like inadequate sleep, loss of sense of humor, gain in urges for sweet food and drawing unattractive, hideous looking cartoons like this:


So. in this melancholy laden atmosphere of woebegone semester, I can only derive pleasure from something like this.


For those who still don’t know, Curofy is a doctors’ exclusive app and I am a part of their student ambassador program. Those long thoughtful sessions that I had over improvements needed in medical education and persuading revered doctors to download the app finally paved the way for me to get the maximum points. However small the success, these are the only things that can keep one going in the long arduous medical career.


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