Another disappointed end of an idea

Studying in the middle of night for the psychiatry end-posting next day and 6th symphony of Beethoven playing in the background, your mind suddenly strikes with two great ideas of student activities that could be done in KMC, and which is lacking as of now. These ideas are great and you know that they’ll be hugely successful in the long run and also immensely instrumental for medical students. Learning can’t just happen through textbooks. Most of what I remember in past few years has been learnt through some practical, pragmatic, hands-on methodology. But then again, you are in a medical school and at the end of the day all that matters are the digits on your transcript. I had to downheartedly push away, my feelings and desire to place this idea into action, to some dark corner of my mind, from where it hardly has any chance of reviving back in the next semester.


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